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c/o dr. G.Di Modica

Via G. Pastorelli, 4 / B

20143 Milano MI



telephone: ..39+ 02 58100076

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In the meantime here are some news about us: Gruppo Italo Briano was founded in Milan on 20th October 1986 but, till 31st December 1999, didn’t work in order not to interfere with the activity of another similar Association.

Its priority purpose is to diffuse modelling and railway culture by means of courses to build models and accessories qualified for home construction.

For young people we try to employ low cost and easy-to-find materials firstly, but secondly -after having gained the due experience- it is possible to realize elaborations of commercial products and finally to pass to higher value materials or allowing best accuracy (for instance brass photocuts).

During these works we’ll try to give advice and examples of constructions that also people without experience can do.

Collateral and useful manifestations will be organized too just to know in the reality what we want to reproduce under reduced scale: either the train or a part of it. That’s to say if we want to understand how is done the actual engine and how it functions in the reality we can go and visit either a Loco Depot or loco works or Great Repair Shop.

Our purpose is to grow friends of this big "Iron Horse" that fascinates both men and children!

Contact us! We hope to have a suitable answer for you and certainly "railway greetings" for everybody!

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